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Heavy Metal music returns to the spotlight this Friday on Netflix!

Two teenagers want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where no one else cares about metal. They can’t find a bassist, but there is one girl who plays the cello.

Game of Thrones co-creator D.B. Weiss is the man behind the new movie ”Metal Lords” coming to Netflix this Friday. The film follows young metalhead misfits Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith), who worship bands from a bygone era like Megadeth, Anthrax and Black Sabbath, while the popular kids listen to Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons. The two decide to form a metal band of their own, Skullf*cker, with their sights firmly set on winning an upcoming Battle of the Bands at their high school. Kevin and Hunter recruit cello player Emily (Isis Hainsworth). Her background in orchestral music doesn’t fit the heavy metal image, but Kevin senses a growing anger inside her that he thinks will work in the band’s favour.

Metal Lords is written by D.B. Weiss, most famous as the co-creator of acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones. The idea for a heavy metal-themed movie had come to Weiss before the making of Game of Thrones, but understandably, helming a project as large as the HBO show took up most of Weiss’s time in the last decade. After the show ended in 2019, Weiss and Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff signed a multi-year agreement to create TV series and films for Netflix, providing the opportunity for Weiss to revisit his idea of a heavy metal movie.

With an intriguing premise and a talented group of people working on the project, we are incredibly excited to see Heavy Metal music returning to the spotlight again when Metal Lords becomes available to stream on Netflix on April 8!


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