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Here are the winners of this year’s Bafta Awards!

The BAFTA awards started in 1937 and in 2022 BAFTAS celebrated 75 years. 13th of March The BAFTA awards took place at Royal Albert Hall in London and here are some of the winners of last night’s awards.

The Power of the Dog won the award for best film and best director.

Belfast won for Best British Film.

Licorice pizza won for best Original Screenplay.

Joanna Scanlan won for Best leading actress in the movie After Love,

Will Smith won for Best leading actor in the movie King Richard.

Ariana Debose won for Best supporting actress for the movie West Side Story,

Troy Kutsur won for best supporting actor in the movie CODA.

There will be a link underneath with the full list of winners.

Every year at both The BAFTA Awards and The Golden Globes we get small hints of what directors, producers and actors/actresses might also have a big chance of winning at the Academy Awards. The Power of the Dog for example also won Best film at The Golden Globes and might be in for some big prizes at The Academy Awards.

There are actors and actresses that have won both a BAFTA, Golden Globe and Academy Award in the same year for a performance. A link for this will follow down below but there are a few of them and is called the Triple Crown of Acting.


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