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Here Is Your New Christmas Movie

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Jason Momoa finally returns to capture us in his underwater fantasy world on December 20th 2023 with the new movie: Aquaman and the lost kingdom directed by James Wan.

Credits to Warner Bros for the image
Credits to Warner Bros for the image

You might recognise this last name with some other popular movies such as The Nun, Lights out, The conjuring or La llorona. This time, the beloved director has promised a film that “is more mature than Aquaman yet still with the fun element” in it, common in the other movies. Wan has decided to integrate some extremely intriguing new characters that will challenge Arthus (Momoa), the protagonist. On a recent episode on Ellen, he confessed he was just “getting beat up” by the physical challenges involved in the movie making process yet was excited for the promising release date.

The movie has a relatively close storyline as the previous one, Arthur has been challenged once again from the Black Manta (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen) that has creative unfavorable circumstances that will challenge the character to seek vengeance for his fathers death. But, who else will help him during his endeavors? Surprisingly enough, Amber Heard playing Mera, will be back on screens for this sequel even though she is not present in the recent teaser trailer released on September 14th 2023. Warner Bros decided to make the final call on her recruitment and decided to keep her in the new movie release instead of Emilia Clarke, who was the replacement for Mera’s character. Despite her public involvement in the trial against Johnny Depp, viewers are excited to see Mera playing back on screen! Other incredible actors will also be joining her such as, Ben Affleck, Patrick Wilson and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna among others! Aquaman lovers can watch the movie on December 20th 2023 in theaters however there is yet to be a release date for streaming platforms.

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