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Horizon: An American Saga Chapter Three already in production!

Photo Credits: Imdb

The film Horizon: An American Saga Chapter One recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and will be available in cinemas worldwide on June 28th. Chapter Two is scheduled to release as soon as August 2024.

Kevin Costner, who both directed the film and played the lead role, emphasized the importance of showcasing women's stories during the Wild West era, a perspective he believes has been underrepresented. Costner said in interviews that hes had the idea for the film series since the late 1990s, but failed to get the funding for the project until now.

In an interview with the Swedish news agency TT, Costner jokingly mentioned that he is already seeking funding for the fourth chapter of the film series and that the filming of the third chapter is already underway.

Written by D. Bjork


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