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How could Zach Braff land a Great Cast With a Low Budget?

The new indie movie “A Good Person” had its world premiere on March 24th, 2023. The

director Zach Braff had a low budget to work from, yet he managed to land a great cast.

The movie is about a girl, Allison, who lives the perfect life, which quickly changes after a tragic car accident. She struggles with unresolved grief and falls into an opioid addiction. On her path, she develops an unlikely friendship with her “would-be father-in-law", Daniel.

The cast of the movie is impressive with award-winning stars Florence Pugh as Allison, and

Morgan Freeman as Daniel. Other supporting actors are Molly Shannon and Alex Wolff.

With this extraordinary cast, the movie is set to be a success. Florence Pugh has starred in

well-known movies, such as Midsummer, Little Women and Don’t Worry Darling. She is a

successful actress with a fast-growing career. Morgan Freeman is a famous actor known to

everyone that is even just a slightly bit interested in the cinematic world. He has already

worked with the director Zach Braff in a previous film named “Going in Style”.

Nevertheless, how did Zach Braff manage to land such great actors for a low-budget

movie? Braff wrote the lead role for Florence Pugh, who he was dating at the time.

In an interview with Forbes, Braff said “Because of that, I knew the voice that it would have.

We were partners, so we could banter and brainstorm about it together and have a


However, how did he land the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman that almost never stars in indie films anymore? Zach Braff and Morgan Freeman were old friends

and had previously worked together, yet Braff was not sure if Freeman would accept the

part. Braff told Forbes “On top of not doing low indies, he doesn’t do films that aren’t set up

yet (…). I didn’t think there was any chance he was going to say yes (…)”.

He then mentioned in the interview that Freeman called him after reading the script and said,

“I see myself on every page of the script”. Thanks to the outstanding script, the old friend of

Braff, Morgan Freeman accepted the role. The cast then worked together with Zach Braff

throughout the filming, to create the masterpiece that this movie is.


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