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How Ruben Östlund Wants the Cannes Film Festival Jury to Work and the Rules that the will Have

The opening day of the Cannes Film Festival unveiled intriguing insights into the workings of this year's esteemed jury. Led by Jury president Ruben Östlund, celebrated for his acclaimed films "The Square" (2017) and "The Triangle of Sadness" (2022), the jury shared their distinctive perspectives and approach.

Östlund placed a strong emphasis on fostering individuality among the jury members. He encouraged them to retain their personal opinions without being unduly influenced by their peers, urging them to express their unfiltered and genuine viewpoints. This genuine authenticity, coupled with an emotional resonance, was identified as the key criteria for evaluating the competing films in contention for the festival's prestigious awards.

Active participation from all jury members was deemed essential by Östlund. The president stressed the importance of avoiding a dominance of voices within the group, urging each member to contribute actively to the conversations. Östlund sought to steer clear of unanimous agreement, instead valuing the diversity of opinions and the meaningful dialogues that arise from healthy disagreements. Recognizing the unique backgrounds and experiences of the jurors, both in their personal lives and as filmmakers, Östlund encouraged them to passionately advocate for what they believed was right and to challenge narratives they deemed to convey the wrong message.

In addition to their operational approach, Östlund outlined a set of rules to be adhered to throughout the competition. First and foremost, strict confidentiality was imposed, with a prohibition on divulging any insider information to the media by any jury member. Secondly, to ensure a fair and focused evaluation process, the jury committed to watching a maximum of three movies at a time before engaging in deliberations and discussions.

As the Cannes Film Festival unfolds, we will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of the jury's captivating journey and their critical assessments of the remarkable films vying for the coveted awards. Stay tuned for further updates on this prestigious cinematic event.

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