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"I Am Legend" starring Will Smith is officially getting a sequel!

After 15 years it's official that I am Legend starring Will Smith is getting a sequel! It seems like he was not so alone after all as he will be accompanied by Michael B. Jordan. Both Smith and Jordan are very likely to also produce the movie.

I am Legend takes us to New York where we get to know the character Robert Neville (played by Will Smith), sole survivor after a plague that kills most of humanity and, whoever is left, turns into a monster. We get to follow Robert and his struggling hunt for a cure.

Now it's official that I am Legend will get a sequel where Will Smith will be accompanied by Michael B. Jordan, (known from Black Panther and Creed) both as a producer but also as an actor in the movie. Will's character Robert might not have been as alone as he thought.

It is not yet known when production will begin for I am Legend 2.


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