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If you love Disney, then this might be something for you!

Disney is planning on building new living areas. The project, called Storyliving, will let the fans make Disney a bigger part of their lives. Disney is planning to build whole towns where the first one will be built in California in a neighborhood called Cotino. This will be part of something called Rancho Mirage.

Disney usually has something up their sleeves but this might be their grandest yet. Many of us want to live out our fantasies, no matter how geekish they might be, this might offer many of their fantasies to come true. Project Storyliving is the latest from Disney where there are plans to build towns and first out will be California, the first neighborhood will be Cotino and will be part of Rancho Mirage. This will contain around 1900 family housings and will be started later this year. These residential areas will be designed by Disney's own Imagineers, the creative minds behind their theme parks.

If everything goes according to plan Project Storyliving will get started in late 2022.


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