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In 2022, Netflix will show us how Spotify came to life in its new series "The Playlist"!

Netflix will let us take part in how the creation of Spotify came to life in their upcoming television series The Playlist. In 2022 we will learn more about how Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon revolutionised the music industry forever with what many of us know today as Spotify.

In April of 2006 a new music platform came to life, a platform many of us know as Spotify. Daniel Eks (will be played by Edvin Endre) and Martin Lorentzons (will be played by Christian Hillborg) creation has revolutionised how we listen to music forever through Spotify and that is now available in about 170 countries around the world with music and podcasts. In 2022 on Netflix we will be able to follow how Daniel´s and Martin´s creation both changed how we listen to music but also the music industry for the future. The Playlist will be produced by Per–Olav Sørensen.

The Playlist will premiere in 2022 on Netflix.


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