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In connection to the Berlin Film Festival, the Swedish nominees have also been announced

The Swedish nominees for the Berlin International Film Festival have now been announced. These nominations are in regard to movies but also in the form of Evin Ahmad who is one out of ten Shooting Stars by the European Film Promotion. Other mentions will follow below.

Nominations are as follows: For Best movie we have Sanna Lenkens Comedy Queen and Magnus Gerttens Nelly & Nadine. Evin Ahmad has been nominated for two Swedish Guldbagge awards and she is one out of ten Shooting Stars to watch by the European Film Promotion. Ella Lemhagens new television series Lust, although not nominated, gets its world premiere here.

Sweden also has co-productions with other countries such as Iceland for the movie Beautiful Beings, Belgium for the movie Dreaming Walls, India for the movie Those who do not Drown and Axiom that is produced by Berlinbased Jons Jonsson. Other mentions are Kevlar Soul with support from the Swedish Filminstitute and Film Stockholm.

The Berlin International Film Festival starts 10th of February and ends 20th of February.


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