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Indian film “All We Imagine as Light” premieres in Cannes!

(Source: Imdb)

Renowned Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia makes a triumphant return to Cannes after her acclaimed film “Afternoon Clouds” premiered in Cannes in 2017. This time, she presents her latest film, “All We Imagine As Light” marking the first Indian entry in 30 years to grace the main competition since the 1994 film “Swaham”.

The narrative orbits around Prabha, a dedicated nurse, who finds herself at the heart of an unexpected journey when her estranged husband bestows upon her a mysterious gift. Alongside her roommate, Anu, Prabha embarks on a transformative excursion to a beach town, with the bustling metropolis of Mumbai serving as an backdrop.

The film is competing for the Palme D'Or at the Cannes film festival in May 2024!

Written by D. Bjork


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