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The little ones will most likely remember this animated movie when it came out in 2015. Film director Kesley Mann decided to retake these emotion-based characters in 2024. The film will once again show Riley’s emotions now that she has moved to college and through puberty, introducing new emotions and characters to the movie.


The movie was highly appreciated by both adults and children when it came out for showing an honest representation of children’s feelings during their life. The movie will be brought to use by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios June 14, 2024. The first part of the film is available to watch on Disney+ however this new movie will first be released in theaters and later on on streaming platforms without a specific release date yet.

Reporters have mentioned that some of the voiceover protagonists won't return to screens again for this movie sequel. For now, we know that the following characters will be returning: Amy Poehler as Joy’s voice, Bill Hader as fear, Mindy Kaling as disgust, Phyllis Smith from the office will portray sadness, Diane Lane as Riley’s mom and Lewis Black as anger. Because the movie is still under production, there is no official trailer online yet, however, producers say that the first movie’s trailer is a pretty accurate teaser of what the new movie will be like.

The movie treats human emotions in a fun and close manner which makes the movie very relevant and comforting for anyone to watch so set the timer for this summer!

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