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Jackass returns to Paramount+ with new tv series!

Now it's official, the hugely popular group Jackass will return to Paramount+ with new tv series. A group that creates and does all these crazy stunts, practical jokes and experiments people should not try at home, the madness never seems to end, to the audience's big delight.

Jackass first started back in 2000 with a tv series on MTV until 2001, with this there were also two spin offs called “Wildboyz and Viva La Bam”. The people people most recognize from the series are probably Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O who were a huge part in forming the group we know as Jackass. Since then there have been 9 (10 if you count Jackass 4,5) movies where the latest one was Jackass Forever that came in 2022. Netflix will also air Jackass 4,5 (premieres 20th of May) that contains all extra material that could not find its place in Jackass Forever. Now it is time for their new tv series that will start to air on Paramount in the near future.

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