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Jackie Chan's Wild 'Panda Plan' Takes Action Comedy to New Heights!

Move over, superheroes—Jackie Chan's gearing up for a panda-powered adventure that's about to kick up a hilarious action storm!

After galloping through the Wild West in 'Ride On,' the indefatigable 69-year-old Jackie Chan is all set to leap into action once more, but this time, with baby pandas at the center stage. Brace yourselves for 'Panda Plan,' a rib-tickling action comedy directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Luan, known for his vibrant cinematic strokes in 'Song of Youth' and 'Give Me Five.'

The buzz about this outrageous flick surfaced on the last day of Tokyo's TIFFCOM content market, promising a cinematic rollercoaster that's headed straight for the American Film Market in Los Angeles next week.

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America/Getty Images)
(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America/Getty Images)

Picture this: a rare baby panda born with a distinctive dark circle around one eye becomes a global sensation at China's Noah Zoo. But when international mercenaries threaten to kidnap these adorable furballs, enter Jackie Chan, playing a version of himself as an international action hero, diving headfirst into a thrilling rescue mission.

"A panda defense battle of epic proportions is about to explode in this wildlife park," teases Mandarin Motion Pictures' story summary, promising a mix of thrills and belly-aching laughs.

Joining Chan on this panda-packed journey are a talented ensemble cast including Shi Ce, Wei Xiang, and Han Yanbo, set to spice up the action and humor. Get ready for 'Panda Plan' to roar into the American Film Market, where the mischievous panda antics will be unleashed upon international distributors. Don't miss out on the fur-flying, high-kicking, and laughter-inducing adventure!

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