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James Mangold is rumoured to direct 'Swamp Thing' for DC Studios.

According to insiders, the 59-year-old director is a huge fan of the supernatural hero and recently he approached James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC Studios, with his idea for the film. 


A reminder, James’ first foray into the world of the superhero films, was the third Wolverine film ‘Logan’ 

After the announcement of the first 10 and TV shows to be included in Gunn and Safran's rebooted DC , the filmmaker expressed his interest in "Swamp Thing." As it was stated, the films would make up the Chapter 1 of the DCU, named "Gods and Monsters”.

The film, according to Safran, will "investigate the dark origins" of the DC Comics character through the lens of horror.

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