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James Wan reveals the details of the "Aquaman" derivative project "The Trench" for the first time

Director James Wan revealed some details of the movie "Aquaman" spin-off project "The Trench", which caused dissatisfaction among fans when the project was cancelled by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Wen Ziren, the producer of "The Trench", said that the film had planned to be a "secret black manta movie." As a super villain in DC Comics, "Black Manta" can not only dive into the deep sea and fly high in the sky, but also invulnerable to weapons, and is even more invincible under the blessing of various lethal weapons. Under the control of the ambition to rule Atlantis, the "Black Manta" also killed the son of Aquaman in the battle.

Judging from the previous news, "The Trenches" had considered creating a low-cost horror film budget, and the leading actors in the movie "Aquaman" would not appear among them.


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