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Jason Momoa might headline the upcoming movie about Minecraft!

If everything goes according to plan and if these news is to be believed Jason Momoa (best known for the new Conan the Barbarian, Aquaman and Dune) might be the one getting the main part in the movie about Minecraft. Jared Hess (Best known for Napoleon Dynamite) might be the one directing.

The incredibly popular computer game Minecraft was created in 2011 and has been rumoured to go to the big screen for almost 10 years. Minecraft is created to be an adventure game where the idea is to explore and transform a world built out of cubes into anything you want. Besides cubes the world consists of plants, creatures and objects. Since 2021 it is estimated that almost 150 million people are playing Minecraft. For almost 10 years Minecraft has been rumoured to feature on the big screen but now it seems to be going places. At least if the project can attract Jared Hess together with Jason Momoa.


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