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Jennifer Coolidge and Brian Cox to Star in Upcoming Crime Comedy Film “Riff Raff”

The new upcoming crime comedy film “Riff Raff” will star Emmy winners Jennifer Coolidge and Brian Cox. They will star alongside the Oscar winning actor Dustin Hoffman and Gabrielle Union.

Details of the plot are yet unknown however, according to “Riff Raff’s” logline, the movie will surround “a former criminal’s ordinary life which is thrown upside down when his old family shows up for a long-awaited reckoning”. What roles the stars will have is unknown, nevertheless, we can expect more information to be revealed soon since the filming is supposed to start in September 2023.

Dito Montiel will direct the film based on a script written by John Pollono. The producers of “Riff Raff” are Noah Rothman, Marc Goldberg and Sarah Gabriel. Executive producers are amongst others: Jennifer Coolidge, Brian Cox, John Pollono and Mathew Lesher.

It will most likely not be difficult for the film to find a buyer at the Cannes Film Festival since it will feature two of the stars that have been dominating Hollywood lately. Jennifer Coolidge’s fame recently rose due to her part in HBO’s series “The White Lotus”, which she also won a Golden Globe for. Brian Cox has been famous in the industry for a long time. He recently got nominated for three Emmys and won a Golden Globe and SAG award for his role in HBO’s drama series “Succession”.

We do not know what to expect from this movie more than what Goldberg said in a statement: “It embodies the type of crime comedies we grew up with – witty and entertaining. Not to mention the perfect cast that will bring these colorful characters to life”.

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