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Jesse Eisenberg Eagerly Conjuring Up More Magic in 'Now You See Me 3'

Jesse Eisenberg, the man who made playing a tech-savvy nerd cool in The Social Network, is ready to pull another rabbit out of the hat. While discussing his latest project, Manodrome, Eisenberg confessed to Collider's Chase Hutchison that he's not just excited but downright "desperate" for the third installment of the Now You See Me franchise.

Known for his serious roles and Academy Award nominations, Eisenberg revealed that the magic-infused world of Now You See Me serves as a refreshing escape from the usual grind of "method acting." Apparently, chasing illusions is his version of a palate cleanser, and he's not complaining.

Eisenberg, who embodies the charismatic J. Daniel Atlas in the series, spilled the secrets behind his love for these films. According to the actor, the movies allow him to embrace a level of confidence and arrogance not found in his other projects. It turns out, being a master illusionist is the perfect prescription for lowering his usual "self-doubt antidepressant dosage."


In his own words, Eisenberg explained, "It's the only time I could kind of lower my antidepressant dosage because I feel so at ease and comfortable with myself as a performer because the character is."

With pre-production already underway for Now You See Me 3 and Ruben Fleischer at the helm, fans can expect more mind-bending tricks and thrilling heists. Stay tuned for the release date—because Eisenberg is counting the days, and so should you.


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