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John Carpenter’s ‘HALLOWEEN’ Released In Theaters 45 Years Ago

October 25th 1978, the date that the world got introduced to soon-to-be horror icons such as Michael Myers and final girl Laurie Strode.

(Compass International Pictures)
(Compass International Pictures)

At the time, 'Halloween' was the most successful independently produced film of all time that would generate a franchise consisting of 11 films spawning over four decades. There isn't much to say about this film that hasn't been said already. Nonetheless, it deserves all the respect and honor that it has because in the fall of 1978, a film made for half a million dollars changed horror forever and launched the idea of modern horror filmmaking.

One of the most well known tropes in horror is the final girl trope. Halloween introduced the concept of the "final girl," with Jamie Lee Curtis's character, Laurie Strode, becoming the archetypal survivor in a slasher film. Her resourcefulness and resilience paved the way for countless other heroines in the genre. Laurie Strode walked so that Sidney Prescott could run.

David Gordon Greens Halloween released in 2018, was the beginning of the end for the franchise. It being the second to best ranked on rotten tomatoes right behind the original proved its longevity and that the audience, new and old, were still interested in seeing Laurie getting chased by Myers. Closing out the franchise with Halloween Ends in 2022, was a great way of celebrating the franchise.


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