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“Julia & Jag” the winner of the Nordic:Dox Award at CPH:DOX 2021

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

“Julia and I” directed by Nina Hobert is a self-portrait as much as a personal story about a strong bond of friendship between two women. Nina’s camera follows Julia in her journey battling addiction and alcoholism, through struggles of grief and loss as well as difficult life choices. As Julia seeks to find her way out by following her passion for music and reflecting on her mental health, Nina opens up about her identity crises, body-hatred, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Nina portrays a certain sense of fascination with Julia’s personality which then brings about an overwhelming emotional chaos that has a self-healing capacity within herself. So much so that the documentary becomes a therapeutic site for a long-lost endearing encounter between Nina and Julia that leaves plenty of room for self-growth reminding its viewers that friendships can go a long way.

Poster with Julia in the front seated on a table, while Nina behind her points her camera toward the viewer.


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