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Juror No 2: Clint Eastwood's film is ready!

Updated: Apr 19

But are we really sure that Juror No. 2. will really be Clint Eastwood's last film? The director and actor, who gave us masterpieces such as Unforgiven and Gran Torino, is 93 years old, almost 94, but he has already finished post-production on his new effort and everyone at Warner Bros. is happy with what they saw. And yet there has been no news of a hypothetical release date in theaters, which frankly doesn't worry us.

it belongs to the procedural genre and stars Nicholas Hoult as a juror in a murder trial. The character is called Justin Kemp and, during the trial, he realizes that he is responsible for the murder of the victim, who was hit by a car that was going at full speed. Shocked but determined not to tell the truth, Kemp will do everything to save the accused.

Nicholas Hoult is his first collaboration with Clint Eastwood and in Juror No. 2 he reunites with Toni Collette, who played his mother in her debut film About a Boy. The film's cast also includes Zoey Deutch, Kiefer Sutherland, Gabriel Basso, Leslie Bibb, J.K. Simmons.

The screenplay was written by Jonathan Abrams. Clint chose her after reading dozens of scripts and also took an active part in the casting. Filming began in April 2023 and the film marks the director's eleventh partnership, here also a producer, with Warner Bros., for which he has worked exclusively since 2008.

Written by Guendalina Porta


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