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Keanu Reeves is about to meet “Devil In The White City”

It is increasingly more common for world-famous actors to star in TV series. Until now Keanu Reeves has stayed away from it, preferring feature films. But soon he will play a significant role in a mini-series. It's called “The Devil in the White City”, and it's an adaptation of Eric Larson's novel. The events will take place in the late 19th century. While architect Daniel Burnham is designing the World's Fair in Chicago, serial killer Henry Holmes is building a hotel under the unofficial name "Murder Castle". At some point, they will meet each other.

Interestingly, Martin Scorsese was about to direct the picture, and the serial killer could have been played by Leonardo DiCaprio (Of course, we all remember their friendship). In the end, all of them - Scorsese, DiCaprio, and Reeves - are the series' executive producers.

The Devil in the White City will be released on Hulu, but no specific date has been announced yet.


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