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Kelly Rowland and Her Mix-up With Security at Cannes Festival

The Cannes Festival Red carpet 2024 was not as exciting as expected for some attendees, especially for Kelly Rowland, the American singer and actress. 

A video has now become viral on social media, showing Kelly Rowland scolding an usher from the Red carpet security at the premiere of Marcello Mio. But what has happened? 

Red carpet security have long been known for being too rude in rushing attendees into the theaters, and Kelly Rowland’s episode is clearly an example of this. The video, indeed, shows the singer posing for photos and stopping to wave at her fans, yet someone does not seem to appreciate it. One of the ushers rushes Rowland during that moment, persistently touching her arm and heading her to the theater’s door without spending much time in front of the cameras. 

At first, Rowland seemed to be very gentle, smiling at the usher and inviting her to not worry. But the usher kept urging her to hurry up, saying something that made Rowland chastise her. The woman accompanying Rowland also attempted to ask the usher why she had that approach, yet she ignored her and headed the whole group directly at the front door. 

In the newspaper “Page Six,”

the expert Jeremy Freeman affirms that the words pronounced by Kelly Rowland during the tense exchange should be, “Don’t talk to me like that. Don’t talk to me like that. You’re not my mother. I told you not to talk to me like that.”

Written by Valentina Pia Morgillo


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