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Kirsten Dunst e Jesse Plemons in Civil War, 2024: their life as a couple on set and in life

"Civil War" is one of the most talked-about films at the moment, receiving a lot or praise, starring renowned star Kirsten Dunst as one of the war journalists trying to survive and document a presumed future civil war. Her husband, Jesse Plemons, also appears in a terrifying scene but is not among the main characters.

Love on Set

This couple has a well-known and enduring Hollywood story, starting back in 2015 on the set of a TV series. They're one of many Hollywood couples who met while portraying a couple on screen. Dunst and Plemons played Peggy and Ed, two married high school sweethearts, in season 2 of the FX series Fargo. They were first seen together off-set in 2016.

From the beginning, they respected each other as artists, although it wasn't love at first sight. Plemons admired Dunst's work for a long time before meeting her and knew she would be in his life for a long time.

"There's a great understanding between us," Plemons said. Even when one of them works on a project alone, like Plemons did on "Love and Death," they discuss it together. Plemons always seeks Dunst's opinion because he trusts her intelligence, instinct, and experience.


"Fargo" and "Civil War" are their first and last collaborations on a set involving both members of the couple, but they've worked together on other projects. They both appeared in the "Black Mirror" episode "USS Callister" in 2017 and later starred in Jade Champion's acclaimed film.

It's said that when Dunst worked with Plemons on "The Power of the Dog," she was already thinking about their next project together. They both enjoy working together and feel inspired by each other's talent.

Oscar Nominations

Thanks to "The Power of the Dog," both Dunst and Plemons earned their first Oscar nominations. The film received 12 nominations in total, and they were thrilled to receive their first nominations together.

Perhaps in the future, the couple can take home a couple of Oscars for roles in films they both star in. You'll definitely see them together on the big screen again. Which film or show of theirs is your favourite? 

Don't wait; go see Alex Garland's brand new, provoking war film now.

Written by Olga Raimondo


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