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Kung fu Panda 5 is coming or it's just a dream?

It now seems like a certainty. 

In fact, in addition to the great success achieved at the box office, dominating the US and international box offices in recent weeks, the director and animator Mike Mitchell has semi-confirmed the arrival of a fifth chapter, giving hope to fans of the saga and explaining that this is absolutely not the end of Po's story. "You are anxiously awaiting big news..." announced the director of Kung fu Panda 4.

The film has officially exceeded 400 million globally, of which 166 million in North America and this milestone has led the Kung Fu Panda franchise to become the second most successful franchise ever from the Dreamworks Animation studio, behind only the Madagascar saga.

In short, Kung Fu Panda 4 tells of what is supposed to be Po's latest adventure, as he is now destined to become the spiritual guide of the Valley of Peace and leave the role of Dragon Warrior in the hands of a successor, who he himself should identify.

Together with a fox: a skilled thief named Zhen, Po is forced to face a new threat: a shape-shifting witch who brings back to earth all the villains faced and defeated by Po in the previous films. She calls herself The Chameleon.

This statement has generated a lot of enthusiasm among fans, even if some have already been disappointed by the latest release and think that a further sequel is not necessary.

From what we know, the director seems to be already projected towards the future of the franchise, but what do you think? Are you one of those happy with the news or did you prefer the original trilogy without feeling the need for a continuation?


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