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Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn?

The rumor that has shook the internet lately: Lady Gaga has been considered for the role of Harley Quinn in the sequel of Joker by Todd Phillips.

And this is not the crazy part about this movie! It is in fact rumored that the movie is gonna be some sort of a musical, with the return of Joaquin Phoenix as the evil protagonist. The movie is called Joker: Folie à deux and, although the presence of the Oscar-winning actor is not officially confirmed yet, his latest post on Instagram doesn’t leave any doubt.

Regarding Gaga, instead, the confirmation is still a doubt: because of the musical factor that Phillips wants to add to the new movie, Lady Gaga is not really an out-of-the-blue choice. The actress/singer/songwriter has in fact made quite an impact with her latest musical A star is born, which earned her an Academy Award for best song. Not by chance, the latter movie was co-produced by Phillips himself, who saw Gaga’s immense talent and didn’t waste any time calling her and proposing a part.

Now we wait for her answer and hope to get some more details about Joker: Folie à deux until its release.


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