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Lasse Hallstrom will bust international borders for Swedish Viaplay

The streaming service Viaplay heads out to introduce Scandinavian films to an international audience, kickstarting with director Lasse Hallstrom (Gilbert Grape, Chocolat, A Dogs’ Purpose).

Hallstrom will tell the story of the Swedish female artist and icon Hilma Af Klint, a pioneer of abstract arts in Sweden. Klint was very spiritual throughout her life and it naturally spilled over into her art.

“For three years I have researched Hilma Af Klint and worked on this script, and have not once lost interest in this mystery of a woman”, Hallstrom says. “In the film I want to portray how her spirituality assisted and inspired her work through every sense of her being.”

Hallstroms’ wife Lena Olin and daughter Tora Hallstrom will be sharing the role of Hilma.

Nordic Entertainment Group – the mothership of Viaplay- wants to spread some of the grandest stories of the north to a broader audience and the goal is to launch two films a year. “Scandinavia is a small place in the world but has amazing history to share” they state in a press release. They feel the responsibility naturally falls on their shoulders and are happy to take it on and proud that “Hilma” is a pioneer once again.


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