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Lion King prequel will show a young Mufasa before Simba

Mufasa: The Lion King, has early leaks of a young Mufasa where we will see what he looks like before he is who we know him as, and he is discovering his rhythm, how he conducts himself. According to reports from the Collider.

The mighty lion will be shown in his younger years before his son, Simba was born. Aswell showing Mufasa before he was king and how he came to be.

Director of film, Barry Jenkins, has already teased that the film will show Mufasa not being as strong as confident as he was in the original Lion king and will show Mufasa growing into his confidence.

James Earl Jones will not reprise his role as Mufasa and instead will be voiced by Aaron Pierre. 

The film is set to be the 3rd installment in the Lion king franchise as this follows on from the live action remake. The film is scheduled for release at the end of this year on December 20th. 


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