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Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ banned in 5 States for different reasons

The first chapter of ‘Phase 4’ in Marvel’s Universe has already reached great success in theatres earning millions on the very first days only. Unfortunately, its arrival in cinemas all over the world was spoiled by some States imposing a block on the film. This was the decision of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrein and Oman. As it had been already pointed out, the film represents both homosexual love and passionate sex scenes, which caused some censorship issues in those countries.

Apparently, ‘Deadline’ reported that many were the reasons leading to this banning. As for the representation of homosexual love, it was not openly declared as one of the reasons (even though it is severely punished in Saudi Arabia). In the case of Kuwait and Qatar, Gods and prophets representation, even if completely fictional, was seen as blasphemous.

Some other States such as the Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt allowed to stream a version of the film deprived of any scenes they believed to contain obscene acts; a compromise that was not accepted in any way by Bahrein, Oman and Saudi Arabia, therefore, blocking the distribution of any version of the film.


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