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‘Matrix’ is back!

‘Matrix - Resurrections’ is the title of the new chapter of the ‘Matrix’ universe, hitting the screen almost 20 years after ‘Matrix Revolution’ the third chapter which was thought to be the last one.

Directed by Lana Wachowski, this fourth chapter will see Thomas Anderson, also known as Neo, in the real world once again but still tormented by visions and dreams he can't seem to find any sense, that is why he decides to tell them to his psychiatrist fearing to have gone crazy. Even though Neo does not actually remember much of what he lived, he still is able to capture how people are enslaved by technology. Unfortunately, both the visions and his curiosity do not allow him to realise he is trapped in a fake reality because, every day, he is forced to take a blue pill for medical reasons which prevents him from “broadening his mind”. At this point, once he stops taking it, and also thanks to some curious meetings, he will finally start to understand that things are definitely not how they look. At this point, once he remembers the ‘Matrix’ project he looks ready to go even deeper than ever in his adventures.

‘Matrix - Resurrection’ will hit theatres all over the world on the 1st of January 2022! Are you ready to go back to the Matrix?


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