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Meryl Streep tells audience about career: "Fantastic"

Yesterday, Meryl Streep accepted the honorary Palme d'Or. Today, she graced the main stage on Boulevard de la Croisette.

During the event, Streep delved into her illustrious career, sharing its highlights and the values closest to her heart. She also reminisced about her collaborations with iconic figures such as Clint Eastwood.

— it was fantastic to work with Clint Eastwood, says Meryl Streep about working with Eastwood  in the 1995 film "Bridges of Madison County"

Furthermore, Streep expressed her profound admiration for the acclaimed producer and director Steven Spielberg, with whom she collaborated on the 2017 film "The Post." She went on to describe Spielberg as a “genius”.

Among the valuable lessons she has garnered throughout her career, Streep highlighted the significance of learning how to sing, a skill that she thinks has enriched her craft.

Written by D. Bjork


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