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Mia Goth joins Marvel’s Blade

Actor Mia Goth who established herself in Ti West’s “X” and “Pearl '' horror films is now joining the cast in the upcoming Marvel Studios Blade.

The lead actor of the film is Ali Mahershala, portraying a half-human, half-vampire hybrid hunting vampires to avenge his mother’s death who died during childbirth. Blade was first released as a comic in 1973’s The Tomb of Dracula issue No.10 by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan. Known director Yann Demange from Lovecraft Country will direct the film, and will also be written by writer Michael Starrbury.

Blade was brought to screens in the 2000’s, with head actor Wesley Snipes starring as Blade. The new upcoming Blade film was first announced at San Diego's Comic-Con in 2019 and is set for release in September 2024.

There are still no known facts about which character Goth will portray. Goth is currently being shot in upcoming horror film “MAXXXINE”, the last film of the “X” trilogy and will later move on to shooting Blade in June.

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