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Michael B.Jordan’s “Creed III” Sets Box-Office Record

The newly released "Creed III", directed by Michael B. Jordan, as the third film in the continuation and spin-off of the world-famous 'Rocky" franchise, has set a new box office record since its release on the 2nd of March 2023. During the opening weekend, the feature film earned $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 million internationally. This exceeded the expected amount and surpassed the previous Creed films, 109% ahead of Creed and 25% above Creed II. In addition, it has broken another record as the biggest domestic opening in sports movie history.

It has become the franchise's most successful and well-received film and garnered well-deserved acclaim for Michael B. Jordan, from starring in the franchise to Creed III becoming his directorial debut. In addition, he is praised for creating an intimate and personal rivalry between the main character, "Adonis Creed", and the main antagonist of this film ", Damian Anderson", played by talented actor and co-star Jonathan Majors.

It is safe to say that even though Silvester Stallone, who for decades interpreted the beloved character of "Rocky", has left the franchise, the torch has been successfully passed down to Michael B. Jordan. Who will continue to bring to the silver screen the modern interpretation of this boxing epic with the already confirmed "Creed 4".

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