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‘Midas Man’: we now know who the Beatles are!

While Disney+ is launching tonight ‘The Beatles - Get Back’ about the legendary meeting, 52 years later, with the actual Beatles, we can now present to you the actors who are going to have the hard task of playing the Fab Four in ‘Midas Man’, the biopic about their legendary manager Brian Epstein.

The film production also released the first pictures showing the actors inside the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. As we already know, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd got the main role of the manager and they announced that Jonah Lees (The Letter For The King) will be John Lennon, Blake Richardson (from New Hope Club band) will be playing Paul McCartney, Leo Harvey Elledge (Creation Stories) will be George Harrison and the drummer Ringo Starr will be brought on screen by Campbell Wallace.

The chosen ones are all pretty young and not very well known, just like the Fab Four at the beginning of their career and, in spite of the fact they don’t really look like the iconic band members, we trust in their great acting abilities to accomplish this complicated task.

The film is currently in shooting and it is supposed to hit theatres in 2022!


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