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Milly Alcock is Supergirl!

James Gunns in his revival of the DCU has cast Milly Alcock to play Supergirl.

Milly Alcock

(Milly Alcock, Supergirl Comic)

Milly Alcock caught headlines with her stunning performance in HBO’s House of the Dragon, Alcock played the princess Rhaenyra for House Targaryen in the princess's younger years before being aged up leading to Emma D’Arcy replacing her playing an aged-up Rhaenrya.

James Gunn announced he was leaving the MCU 2 years ago with his final film in that universe being Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Since his arrival at the DC, he has his first film due for arrival in 2025 which is Superman: Legacy but controversially, without Henry Cavill who played Superman in the DCU.

Supergirl is expected to play a part in the new Superman film next year. Gun had this to say about the appointment: “I was watching House of the Dragon and thought she might have the edge, grace, and authenticity we needed.” 

Are you excited about the arrival of Supergirl and Milly Alcock playing the character? 

/Kieron Loughran

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