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Moonfall: three character posters revealed!

How many times have you looked up at the moon and got hypnotised by its romantic charm? In fact, usually people feel peace and quiet while looking at it but that’s not the case of Roland Emmerich, the master of disaster movies, who turned such a hypnotic and beautiful thing into the essence of danger. This is exactly what Moonfall is about! It talks about a mysterious force which leads the moon out of its orbit to enter the route of Earth, risking collision.

After the recently released trailer, it is now possible to admire three very beautiful official posters. In the first one, we have Patrick Wilson playing the ex astronaut Ben Harper who is called back to action when the moon starts to dangerously get close to the Earth. In the second one, we find Halle Berry, playing the astronaut Jo Fowler who did not fall into disgrace and is working at NASA. Last but not least, in the third one, we have John Bradley, playing K.C. Houseman, a conspiracy theorist who will also join the mission in space.

Other actors of Moonfall, which is the 18th film by Roland Emmerich, are Donald Sutherland, Charlie Plummer and Michael Peña. Take a look at the amazing posters and let us know what you think!

You can see Moonfall’s trailer here: <>


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