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Movies that make you feel better!

The International Day of Happiness was established in 2013 and, symbolically, coincides with the Spring Equinox. It is a day of the year that is connected to the rebirth of Nature and this flowering and blossoming can be directly associated to a lifting of many people’s moods.

On this annual day of happiness, here are some films on the subject that could help your celebrate right.

The first films we recommend to watch when you're feeling down are unsurprisingly animated films which, with animations and sweet stories suitable even for the little ones, pamper you and fill your heart with joy. Who doesn’t have an animation connected to the happiness of their childhood? If none are coming immediately to mind, here are a few to start you off. 

Beginning with Pixar’s Inside out (2015) and Soul (2020), both available on Disney plus, the first tells of a little girl struggling to deal with her conflicting emotions, due to a drastic change in her life.

At the beginning of the film we see how she forcibly tries to be happy and then abandons herself to anger, fear and sadness as she ages. During the film we notice this toxic and forced happiness trying to take over the other emotions, creating a great turmoil in the head of the poor protagonist. Fortunately though in the end a balance is found, the family gets closer and Riley understands that she can be happy despite the sadness and melancholy that’s comes with growing up.

The second film is about a man who lives a simple life and finally realises his dream as a musician. Just before being able to perform his dream show however, he dies unexpectedly and spends the entire duration of the film journeying in search of the meaning of his life. He desperately wants to go back to exactly where he left off before realising that perhaps happiness isn't simply being successful in his favourite jazz club. Little things, friends, nature, kindness... Anything can bring joy into our lives.

Another film that fills people with happiness and made those of every age laugh is certainly Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (2021). The sweetness and innocence of this little shell discovering the world makes you reflect, have fun and lightens your day.

Many other Disney or animated films in general can easily brighten your day and bring a little more childlike joy back into your life.


We also suggest a musical film such as Mamma Mia (2008) and its sequel from 2018.

The choreography and songs of a musical certainly help to cheer us up and give us that boost of all important fun, necessary for fuelling a happy day. 

Little Miss Sunshine (2006): the story of a quirky family who go on a disastrous adventure, allowing all family members to reflect and get to know each other better. Happiness is not about being perfect.

Available on Disney plus 

Our next suggestion is the beloved Paddington (2014). The story of the iconic, lovably cute and polite teddy bear who arrives in London and finds refuge with the Brown family. It effortlessly makes you smile with its lightness, shares the happiness of the family in hosting this somewhat careless animal, with the kindest intentions in the world.

Available on Amazon Prime

Next is the Italian film that you can stream on Netflix: If You Love Me (2019). It tells the story of a man in the throes of depression who decides, thanks to a particular encounter, that he wants to change his life for good. In fact, he chooses to finally be able to make himself happy by making others happy first. 

Finally we have one of Wes Anderson's most well acclaimed and ambitious films: Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). The film, which turns 10 this year, entertains us and makes us laugh with a subtle and intelligent humor and the myriad of quirky characters share an impressive and engaging dialogue throughout. Though at the same time the beauty of the films photography and colours easily please the eye and increase the spectator's pleasure and enjoyment. The symmetry, the shades, the costumes and the pink atmosphere give everything a magic and a lightness that’ll be sure to add a smile to your day of happiness.

It's on Disney plus with almost every other Wes Anderson's project.

Let's start this spring in the best way possible.

Enjoy your movie marathon and let us know what is your happy - comforting film!


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