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Mrs. Doubtfire, the cast of the cult with Robin Williams reunites 30 years later: "We are still like brothers"

Well yes: almost thirty-one years have already passed since Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), in order to remain close to his three children, transformed himself into the perfect English governess. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), based on the novel Alias ​​Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, is one of the most famous comedies in Chris Columbus' filmography. And, at the same time, one of the most beloved characters brought to the screen by the late Williams. The affection for the film still survives today and not only among the public, but also among its protagonists.                                                                              

In the last few hours, the interpreters of Daniel and Miranda's (Sally Field) children, namely Lisa Jakub (Lydia), Matthew Lawrence (Chris) and Mara Wilson (Nathalie) met in San Francisco, where the film is set. To celebrate the reunion they shared a series of shots on their respective social channels, receiving an avalanche of love from the people of the web.

"The same week I went to San Francisco - Wilson wrote in the post's caption - I reunited with my 'Doubtfire' brothers! It's always a joy to see Lisa Jakub and Matthew Lawrence." The former face of Lydia added: "Mara and Matthew still feel like my brothers, even 30 years after filming 'Mrs Doubtfire'."

Of course, the absence of the great absentee is felt, indeed. “Robin would be proud of you,” one user wrote in the comments section. Someone else echoed: "He's there by your side."

Written by Guendalina Porta


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