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Napoleon: A Filming Feat Fit for a General

In a move that would make even Napoleon himself stand at attention, director Ridley Scott spills the beans on his meticulous military-style approach to filming his upcoming Napoleon biopic, starring the enigmatic

Ridley Scott's commitment to his Napoleon project was so intense that he channeled his inner military strategist, treating each scene as if it were a crucial battle plan. In an exclusive chat with Entertainment Weekly, Scott unveiled the epic tale of how he tackled the Herculean task of bringing Napoleon's journey to life on the big screen. He singled out Napoleon's daring Russian campaign as one of the most daunting sequences in the movie. But with a team of extraordinary talents by his side, Scott maneuvered through the challenge with grace.

"My team crafted military costumes that are nothing short of mind-blowing," he teased, setting the stage for a visually stunning period piece. "And let's not forget our military expert, who made the cause-and-effect battle sequences come alive. It's all orchestrated. In a rather amusing twist, I planned it all out a bit like a battle."

Ridley Scott, the maestro behind numerous cinematic spectacles, including the much-anticipated Gladiator 2, is no micromanager. "While I could bury myself in books about Napoleon," he shared, "I've got complete faith in my fantastic team. They're the real stars of the show." This statement underscores Scott's knack for handling grand historical epics, a skill he's honed through a career filled with acclaimed movies like Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and American Gangster. But Napoleon, it seems, presents a unique challenge, as Scott eagerly anticipates the release of a director's cut that clocks in at a whopping 4.5 hours.

Scott offered a glimpse into the rigorous weekly meetings that shaped Napoleon's meticulous production. "It's akin to plotting military strategy," he explained. "Every department head sits around the table, and we dissect the script page by page. Page one, any issues? Let's tackle them. Then, on to page two. We breeze through it because everyone's in sync, and no one's left in the dark." With rumors swirling that Napoleon might mark Scott's final directorial hurrah, it's only fitting that he approaches it with the same precision as his very first film.

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