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Netflix first Original content from Finland!

Netflix is very good at creating original content, mostly with their own tv shows/series. Now time has come to do some more original content but this time and for the first time it’s from Finland. A sibling drama called “Dance Brothers” is being filmed for Netflix.

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services today. With over 220 million subscribers there is always a place for new content and Netflix is one of the best when it comes to this sort of supply. Many Scandinavian series have found their way to Netflix like Young Royals and The Rain, now it’s time for Finland to provide their first original content for Netflix, a television series called “Dance Brothers”. It will be a drama where we get to follow two brothers chasing their dream of being professional dancers. While pursuing their dream they open their own very popular club but this slowly rocks the relationship between them.

Dance Brothers is thought to premiere sometime during 2023 on Netflix


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