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Netflix Hit 'Baby Reindeer' Triggers $170M Lawsuit from Alleged Real-Life Martha

Netflix - Baby Reindeer

In a twist straight out of a TV drama, Netflix is being sued for $170 million by Fiona Harvey, who claims she is the real-life inspiration behind a character in the hit series Baby Reindeer. Harvey says the show has defamed her and caused severe emotional distress.

Baby Reindeer, created by and starring Richard Gadd, is based on his own experiences of being allegedly stalked. The show tells the story of Donny, an aspiring comedian, whose life is disrupted by a woman named Martha who becomes obsessed with him. Harvey insists that Martha’s character is based on her, and she denies the show’s portrayal of her as a convicted stalker.

According to Variety, Harvey filed a lawsuit in California, accusing Netflix of defamation, negligence, and violating her rights. The lawsuit states: “The lies that Netflix told about Harvey to over 50 million people worldwide include that she is a twice convicted stalker who was sentenced to five years in prison, and that she sexually assaulted Gadd. Netflix told these lies because it made for a better story and more money.”

Harvey is seeking at least $50 million in actual damages, another $50 million for mental anguish and loss of enjoyment, $50 million from the show’s profits, and $20 million in punitive damages. She claims the show’s portrayal has "ruined her reputation, her character, and her life."

A Netflix spokesperson said, “We intend to defend this matter vigorously and to stand by Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story.” Gadd himself mentioned in an interview that while the series is “very emotionally true,” it was “tweaked slightly to create dramatic climaxes.”

Despite the lawsuit, Baby Reindeer has been a huge success, winning awards at the Gotham TV Awards and expected to be a frontrunner for the Emmy nominations. The show has gained over 60 million viewers in its first month and is on track to become one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

As the lawsuit moves forward, many are watching to see how this real-life drama unfolds and what impact it may have on everyone involved. If you haven't watched it yet, see what you're missing!


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