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Netflix hopes to start with commercial breaks before the end of 2022!

Netflix aims to advance with their plan of introducing commercial breaks before the end of 2022. This will give them the opportunity to give those who are members of Netflix a cheaper subscription for their service.

At the moment it's the New York Times who reports that Netflix have announced this information regarding their plan for commercials before the end of 2022 to their employees. This plan will see Netflix advance with the earlier idea of starting to have commercials in 2024. Netflix have not confirmed this but they believe to lose around 2 million subscribers before the end of the summer. This together with getting bad publicity when they announced they would take away the option of sharing accounts (around 100 million accounts are shared according to Netflix) the idea with commercials is to cover this hole.

The link to the article will be down below. (In order to read the article from NY Times you need a subscription. For this one you don’t.)


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