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Netflix is closing its account in Russia!

Due to the current events that are transpiring between Russia and Ukraine, Netflix decided to shut down in Russia. Those who subscribed to Netflix in Russia will have to find other streaming-sources if they want to watch movies and series as of today.

Netflix joins some of the biggest studios in Hollywood when it comes to releasing movies in Russia. Movie studios such as Disney, Sony and Universal have decided to cancel big movies and the likes of Batman, Red and Morbius will not premiere in Russia.

Netflix has also decided to pause production of many films and series that also includes what would have been the first original content produced in Russia. The original content would have been a modern version of Anna Karenina (Based on Lev Tolstoj´s novel where the latest adaptations are from 1997 and 2012 as movies and in 2013-2018 as a tv series). As of now Netflix has not announced if it will be available again in Russia anytime soon.


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