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Netflix is ready for a ‘La Casa De Papel’ sequel about Berlin

As the final 5 episodes of ‘La Casa De Papel’ hit Netflix today, during a celebratory event a few days ago held in Italy, Pedro Alonso (Berlin), when asked if he was planning to go back in his character's shoes in a possible spin-off, did not reveal anything more than “I have no expectations, we will see what the future holds”.

The confirmation we were all waiting for arrived yesterday (02/12/21) during the huge event held in Madrid to celebrate the final episodes, when the production announced a new series entirely dedicated to Berlin, definitely one of the most loved characters of the series.

The spin-off should land on Netflix in 2023 and will be a sort of prequel of what happens to the peculiar and dandy character before the events told in the very first season of the series. Among the protagonists, there might also be Rafael (Patrick Criado) who was introduced in the first part of the 5th season as Berlin’s son.

However, after the official announcement, Pedro Alonso was finally able to speak more openly about the project declaring to be “very happy about it. I am extremely grateful to have the chance to get in touch with people from all over the world, and to gain so much love allowing me to live such a memorable moment. We started this series stumbling in the dark and, since then, we have won.”

Well, what else can we say? With these premises, we can only look forward to watching this new chapter!


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