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Netflix’s "Society of the Snow" delivers a brutally remarkable new recreation of a famous Andes plane crash

From enduring avalanches to cannibalism, the thrilling drama following the real 70s survival events does not disappoint. 

Directed by Spaniard, J.A. Bayona, the chilling real-life survival story flew straight to the top of the streaming services' most popular new films list. This is not surprising due to its incredible acting performances, great cinematography, and wonderful attention to detail.

Scene from "Society of the Snow"


"Society of the Snow" recreates the heartbreaking story of the notorious plane crash of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 that crashed into the Andes mountains in 1972. On board the plane were 45 souls consisting mostly of an amateur rugby team. The film follows the true events that took place showing the extreme measures the remaining stranded survivors had to go to in order to stay alive.

The 145-minute-long film takes viewers on an emotional journey leaving them devastated yet astonished by the survivor’s comradery and resilience.  Some scenes were certainly easier to watch than others, with the film showing how the rugby teammates had no choice but to partake in cannibalism to stop themselves from dying. 

Society of the Snow


Bayona’s film is one of many recreations of this extraordinary story with the most famous being Frank Marshall’s ‘Alive’ in 1993. Although both versions do a stellar job, with 30 years between the films there are some differences, with Bayona’s version being more accurate. For instance, his portrayal uses the real names of those in the crash, uses an entirely South American cast as well as being told in Spanish, capturing more authenticity of the real people.

Despite only just being available to Netflix viewers to watch, the film has already picked up some noteworthy attention. The movie was nominated for a Golden Globe as well as made the Oscars shortlist in four categories, including Best International Feature, Original Score, and Visual Effects. 

Whether you are familiar with this story or only just hearing it for the first time, this film is unmissable as it shines a torch on the cruelty of life and the beauty of the human spirit.

/Maddy Pigot

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