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Never so popular: 'Stranger Things' Season 4 is just around the corner!

Stranger Things, Netflix's first original content that reached huge popularity, will return this year with season four.

This Netflix series first aired in 2016 and takes place in the small town of Hawkins in the US. A town where everyone knows everyone and a strange incident leads to a chain of events. We get to know some characters right from the start, like Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin who really bond together. In the small town of Knowing (US), a strange incident starts a chain reaction that leads to the disappearance of a child. A usually quiet peaceful community gets shaken up secrets occur where agencies are involved, evil supernatural beings take control and some of the residents start to understand things are really not what they seem to be.

Stranger Things season four will premiere on the 27th of May on Netflix. Season four will be divided into two parts, part two of the season will be released 1st of July.


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