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New Borderlands films set for release on August 9th

Kieron Loughran

The video game adaptation of Borderlands will be released in theaters on August 9th later this year.

The film stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Greenblatt & Jack Black.

This will now be Jack Blacks 3rd film from a video game adaptation with the other two being Bowser in SuperMario and Steve in the upcoming Minecraft movie.

This is also one of many video game adaptions set for release this year the others being:

• Fallout

• Sonic 3

• Knuckles

• Borderlands

• Halo Season 2

• Arcane Season 2

• Tomb Raider anime

• Return to Silent Hill

• Devil May Cry anime

• Sonic Prime Season 3

A trailer for the film was officially released which shows us Jack Black playing ‘Claptrap’ and Cate Blanchett playing ‘Lilith’ and Ariana Greenblatt playing Tiny Tina.

The film will be directed by Eli Roth, and hasn’t confirmed if a sequel will be come but could be a possibility as there is a 2nd Borderlands game.

Source: the People


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