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New film starring Jennifer Lawrence, “No Hard Feelings”, gets the Highest MPAA Rating

The new upcoming film “No Hard Feelings” which will premiere on June 23, 2023, will star the award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence. She has previously starred in famous movies, such as, “Hunger Games”, the thriller “Mother” and “Silver Linings Playbook” for which she also won an Oscar for best actress.

The film has gotten the highest MPAA rating, and it has earned an “R” mark. This is because the movie will have some scenes showing some graphic nudity, drug use, sexual content and language.

Jennifer Lawrence will play the part of Maddie Barker, who is an Uber driver. Barker finds herself in a difficult situation when her car is repossessed. She then finds a job on Craigslist. The job offer is put out by two parents who want to pay someone to help their shy 19-years old son Percy (played by Andrew Barth Feldman), to step into adulthood.

The director of the film is Gene Stupnitsky. His earlier work consists of movies such as “Good Boys”, written credits on “Bad Teacher” and “Year One”. Other actors that will be starring in the film are, amongst others, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

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