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New Live Action Minecraft Movie!

The new live action Minecraft movie has had some cool new features that may make you excited.

Based of the hit console and PC game, Minecraft where you can build, craft and play in an open world block simulator with friends or by yourself is getting a movie which will be live action and stars Jason Momoa and Jack Black.

Jack black was recently in another video game adaption which was Super Mario where he played as the antagonist Bowser. The film received wilds amount of praise and Black was nominated for several awards for his song ‘Peaches Peaches Peaches’.

Fans of that song may be delighted to hear that Jack Black has confirmed he will be signing again in the Minecraft movie after an interview with Variety.

Filming for the video game movie began in August and has an anticipated release date for April 4th 2025.

The story will follow a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers after the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction.

Are you excited about the Minecraft movie?

Written by Kieron Loughran

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